Who Are We?

Oakley College is a recently established and already successful college provision for 18 to 25 year olds with learning difficulties in West Kent and surrounding areas.

Why are we successful? Well, the best way to find out is to arrange to visit, come and talk with us and see for yourself. You are most welcome and we encourage you to do so. In essence though, our success is built upon knowing our learners and tailoring our programmes of study and learning opportunities to meet each learner’s individual needs – providing high aspiration and challenge, underpinned by appropriate, targeted support and interventions.

We work closely with a number of employers and other organisations to ensure that the skills, knowledge and understanding gained in college are applied in the “real world” so that every learner makes clear progress and develops into a young person who is respected and valued in their community and is confident and able to contribute fully. On leaving Oakley College our young people will gain employment, further training or meaningful volunteering roles and be able to live their life more independently – with less dependency on others as they continue to develop, mature and thrive.

Our mission is to put young people with learning disabilities at the heart of all that we do. We achieve our success by having a great team of staff who really care about the work that they do with our young people and who have a wide range of skills & expertise plus drive and total commitment to our vision.

Our vision is to give all of our young adults opportunities to discover ways of learning that engage and enable them to gain new skills, knowledge and behaviours that develop them, and lead to them each being exceptionally well prepared for their next steps into adulthood and a positive, meaningful and productive long term future

I am proud and privileged to be the Chief Executive Officer of Oakley College. We have clear plans for our continued development and look forward to welcoming you to visit and talk with any of our college team.

Gordon Tillman, CEO