On November 5th the Government included young people with Downs Syndrome to the extremely clinically vulnerable group.

This means that they have been classed as at higher risk from coronavirus. The decision has been agreed across all four nations of the UK by their Chief Medical Officers.

People who are in the clinically extremely vulnerable group are advised to be extra careful in protecting themselves. In England GPs have been asked to contact their patients who are affected by this decision over the next few weeks to discuss what it means for them and their specific health needs. Adults who have Down’s syndrome and their families are encouraged to seek advice if they do not hear from their GPs in the next few weeks. Information about what it means to be on the clinically extremely vulnerable list can be found via the government website.

For your information here is the link from the Downs Syndrome association.


We have updated our Risk Assessment to include our additional risk measures, these include:

  • No offsite visits other than for exercise (walking locally)
  • No travel on public transport
  • No external visitors during the college day. All annual reviews will be held remotely until a further review on 2nd December.

We have made contact will all our families who been affected by this change in guidance.