Following the introduction of the UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy

Dear Parents and Carers,

Oakley College has welcomed a number of young people, identified as ‘most vulnerable’ as part of our phased controlled return.

As a specialist post-16 institution, we will follow the updated government guidance set out in the links below.

The main message is:

Oakley College will continue with its phased, controlled return and work towards welcoming back as many young people as can be safely provided for in our setting, by creating daily attendance rotas.


How we will keep our young people and staff as safe as possible

Reduce class sizes to enable following of social distancing guidelines where practical.

Where possible:

  • ensure that young people are in the same small groups at all times each day, and different groups are not mixed during the day, or on subsequent days
  • ensure that the same teacher(s) and other staff are assigned to each group and, as far as possible, these stay the same during the day and on subsequent days.
  • use personal protective equipment (PPE) as necessary
  • follow rigorous hygiene routines – washing hands on arrival – full details in link above.


For those young people who can stay at home safely and access our online/remote offer this is still the safest option.

Please be aware that it is not possible for KCC transport to provide vehicles that ensure 2 metre social distancing. An extract from KCC transport advice is that:

“Our taxi operators have been advised that they should be cleaning their vehicles on a much more regular basis and having windows open for good ventilation where possible. Refraining from touching faces and maintaining good hand washing practices are the best way to combat the risk whilst travelling in the taxis.”

I am extremely grateful to the staff who have put themselves forward to be part of our face to face rota, and to those supporting our face to face offer from home, whilst also home schooling their own children or caring for vulnerable family members.

Best wishes and stay safe.

Ros Leach Head of College