PfA 2 Newsletters

The PfA 2 newsletter is a weekly update and includes learner contributions, Wall of Fame and useful links to support all learners. It also celebrates our wonderful learners’ successes.

February 2021

Week 2 – As we move ever closer to welcoming our learners back to College, our learners continue to demonstrate resilience and determineation in all their learning.

Week 1  – Find out what happened to the Mystery Golden Duck in our feature film. We held our very own Great Oakley Bake Off, and our learners used their maths skills to make delightful cakes Mary Berry would be proud of! And of course this week was made even more exciting by the arrival of some snow!

January 2021

January week 3 – Our learners have shown fantastic time management skills for their live lessons this week. It’s wonderful to see what our learners are achieving both at College and at home.

January week 2  – This week’s newsletter demonstrates how our learners have demonstrated a range of skills including, problem solving, effective communication, creativity, resilience and self motivation.

January week 1 – Our first newsletter celebrating all the wonderful things our learners have been doing at home and in College. We are so proud of all that they achieved and the resilience they have shown.