A message from the leader of 19-25 LLDD


Welcome to Oakley College 

 Oakley College offers a wide range of opportunities for young people with LLDD to continue learning the skills & knowledge that will prepare them for adulthood leading to greater independence and brighter futures. Tutors create unique learning plans that include core subjects – English- Maths- ICT- Personal & Social Development whilst embedding positive attitudes and behaviours. 

We understand that to be motivated our curriculum must include vocational studies and work experience opportunities that are of interest to our learners. 

 Personal development 

Student voice is valued and encouraged,we ask our learners what are your aspirations and what do you want to achieve at College?  

 This could be: 

 Gaining greater independent living skills 

Improving employability skills 

Greater awareness of your own health and wellbeing needs 

To make and maintain friends at College and in the community 

Whatever a learner’s personal development goals are the staff at Oakley College are committed to enabling every individual to succeed. 

 Out first few terms have been extremely positive, and parents, carers and colleagues from the wider community have acknowledged positively how we are preparing our students for the many challenges of adult life.  

 We have already had many parents and carers visit Oakley College and are now looking forward to welcoming new students in September 2019.  If you would like further information, please contact Oakley College. 


Ros Leach